Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kpop Recommendation (2)

Kpop Recommendation 

Band: B1A4
Song: Baby I'm Sorry
Song release date: March 13th 2012 

B1A4 debuted in 2011 with the song "Ok". It was a cute song that wasn't like any other Kpop song I was used to. Personally I enjoyed it regardless of the simple dance and music. Although I liked the song, I couldn't see B1A4 becoming anything big in the Kpop world. After releasing some other songs that didn't gain a lot of hype, they released Baby I'm Sorry. This song in my opinion was what turned their career upside down! They left behind their sweet guy image and dived into a stronger and manlier group who is now about to perform solo concerts! Yes, I was wrong. They did make it big and I couldn't be happier for them! 
1) THEY ACTUALLY WROTE AND PRODUCED THEIR OWN SONG! To be more specific it was their very own member and leader Jinyoung. He did a great job producing a song that had a great mixture of beats that really make you want to dance. 
2) LOVED THE INCORPORATION OF RAP. Baro, B1A4's main rapper does an impressive job of setting the tone for the entire song. It was powerful and mixed well from start to finish. I've never been a fan of rap, but Kpop knows exactly how to incorporate it without being over baring. 
3) AN IMAGE CHANGE DONE RIGHT! They started off as cute boys and transformed into sharper and more handsome men. It's amazing what a simple hairstyle change can do. Take for example my dearest CNU. Holy moly. He gets first place for the best image change! (Yes, I know this picture is from "Baby Goodnight", not "Baby I'm Sorry".) 
4) OH, I GET IT! They mentioned having a dancing party and guess what!? There was a dancing party at the end! Glad you're plans worked out guys, but where was my invite? (-_-) I'm hurt.. But I forgive you! 
WARNING: This is all based on my own opinion. If you disagree, I respect that! 
1) GIRL ALERT! I'll keep it short and sweet! I was not a fan of the girl interaction in the music video. Honestly, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the music video in general! The song itself was awesome, but the MV fell a bit short in my opinion. (-_-)
2) PROPS MADE ME LAUGH! Ahhh!! Every time I think about Jinyoung and his grocery bag with bread in it I want to laugh! Sorry Jinyoung! ^-^
He wasn't the only one that cracked me up. Baro did too! He was fine the entire MV until he brought out his blinged out viking helmet. What the...? 
3) ENGRISH, ENGRISH, ENGRISH. You have to give them some credit. They did write it themselves and its not like they're professional English speakers. But just incase you didn't catch all the lovely Engrish going on, here are some lyrics that you may have not caught. 
"Baby I'm sorry we got the better"
"Every night every night you"
During the song the English doesn't sound terrible, so it's not really a big problem. Next time, please ask a REAL English speaker to read over your lyrics! I'm available! (^_-)

All in all I really LOVE the song and B1A4! Please check it out, and let me know what you think! ~~~~~~~~Thanks for reading! <3 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korea and Kimchi

Regular cabbage kimchi

Korea and Kimchi
Kimchi Pancake kimchijeon
What is Kimchi(김치)? Kimchi is the unforgettable dish found ALL OVER Korea. It's said to be among the top 5 healthiest foods in the world! Whether you want it by it's self, as a side, or in your soup, it's always readily available. Commonly you will find the typical cabbage Kimchi, but because Koreans love it so much there are over 200 different kinds! In a nut shell, Kimchi is just pickled cabbage covered in hot, red pepper sauce. Sounds terrible doesn't it? Some may argue that it is, but don't tell that to a Korean! I personally love it! Could I eat 40 pound of it a year like an average Korean? Well... I'm unsure about that one. But I do think that it has a delicious and addicting flavor! So if you're planning on going to Korea, be ready to eat some Kimchi! 
Funny fact!
Kimchi is such a big part of Korea that there is a museum called, The Kimchi Field Museum located right in Seoul. It provides the history of Korea and offers taste testing for different types of Kimchi. Who would have thought!? (^o^)

Kimchi jjigae! Kimchi stew.

Want to make Kimchi!?
The best thing about Kimchi is that every persons recipe is a little different! I found a cute how to video of Ukiss making Kimchi. Check it out! (^-^) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kawaii Nails

 I was inspired! <3 
~~~~~~Last week I made a sad attempt at trying to accomplish Kawaii inspired nails. 
*Kawaii* = Japanese word for cute, lovely,charming and so on. :) It's more than a definition, it seems to be a way of life for a lot of people. Kawaii everything! 
I'll expand on that in a different blog post. 
Until then, take a look at my failed attempt at cute cupcake nails!

It was incredibly easy! Should I fix it up and make a tutorial?
If you want real Kawaii  nails, take a look at these! My dream nails! <3 <3

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kpop Recommendation (^o^)

*Song of the week*

Band: Ukiss
Song title: Stop Girl

Release date: Sept 9th 2012
Why this song?

To be completely honest, I was really disappointed when I heard this song for the first time. I was hoping Ukiss would come out with a fast tempo song that would just blow me away! I had to stop and take a look at my recurring history with Kpop. Whenever I find a song I dislike at first, I listen to it a couple more times and fall in love <3. This of course happened to be the case again. (^-^)
Why I love this song
1)THE HARMONY DURING THE CHORUS! AHHH! I have this weird thing for songs with good harmonies. The entire song really showcases the entire groups vocal strengths. If you're a fan of Ukiss, you already know they sing amazing, but this time you get the full extent of how well they sing all together as one!
2) Wait, what happened to the Engrish!? HA! This is one of those rare occasions where the English was used in the CORRECT form! Not only that, they used the word depleted (^o^)! Even better yet, they mixed English and Korean in MULTIPLE sentences. Can we call that Korenglish?? I love it~~! Of course, it does help having two excellent English speakers (Kevin and Eli). So over all, GO Ukiss for incorporating English in a way that doesn't make me laugh!:D
3) Crisp dance moves! The dance isn't the most OUTSTANDING, but it is precise, powerful and fits well with the music. Sometimes simple and clean are the best. I was relieved to see Ukiss do a dance that was more tight and together. 
4) Overall it makes sense! The music video and song actually line up and make sense with one another. Although the MV doesn't have a super in depth story line, it still connects with the feeling the song is trying to represent.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome K crazies!

And anyone else who is interested. (^o^)

If you don't know me, my name is Dana! (다나)
I'm one of those crazy people who absolutely LOVE Korea! I spend a good amount of time studying the culture, entertainment, language and so on! Since there are a good amount of people who appreciate the culture like I do, I want to share that common interest and talk about it! On this blog we can discuss Kpop, Korean culture, kdramas, and many more amazing things! SO PLEASE continue to check in!
OOOHHHH... If you're new to all of this, and want to learn more, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!! :D:D:D (GIANT SMILE). I'll post many websites, Youtube videos and lots of other cool tools to help you become more acquainted with Korea.
Thank you for stopping in!
안녕! Bye!!!~~~~ <3